Using iTunes App Analytics To Understand How Effective Is Your ASO

Using iTunes App Analytics To Understand How Effective Is Your ASO

Congratulations! You are about to publish your app. The development, the testing, and your app is now ready to be launched. Before you enter the highly competitive mobile app market, you need to know that over 2,500 apps are submitted to the three biggest app stores on a daily basis, and 70% of these apps generate less than 5,000 …

effective strategies for

Effective Strategies for Applying Agile Marketing Principles to Your ASO Campaigns

We were told that “The early bird catches the worm.”

The internet evolves quickly, with new trends appearing and dying so quickly, it’s quite hard to keep track of them all.

These days, some companies manage to get in on the ground floor of what’s trending which can mean huge amounts of attention and instant publicity.

But then again, it’s …

App Store Optimization (ASO) 101 2

App Store Optimization (ASO) 101: Why You Should Not Bank On Sensor Tower

If your only keyword research tool is Sensor Tower, then you are leaving money on the table.

Don’t get me wrong. You may use Sensor Tower as a starting point for your ASO strategy because it is a known ASO keyword tool that provides traffic score, difficulty, and rankings. It also provides keyword suggestions, translations, and track competitors. Just don’t …

ASO 2016 101 How To Get Traffic With Long Tail Keywords And Tools That Help

ASO 2016 101: How To Get Traffic With Long Tail Keywords And Tools That Help

When we bring up the subject of ASO and online marketing, one of the first things will come up to our minds are “keywords”.

Many hours have been allotted for research that yields new keywords for ASO campaigns and apps to target. Nowadays, a single keyword like “recipes” will have a significant volume or traffic score, but also has a …

new mobile action

New Mobile Action Localization Feature – Choosing your Market

“Done is better than perfect.” – Mark Zuckerburg

App Store Localization is the process of “Internationalizing” an app, or providing multiple versions that each serve up for a specific language. There is a technical process involved here, and for those of you who care, it deals mainly with creating Localization Targets in Xcode and is not a small operation. This …

black hat app store

BlackHat App Store Optimization — Who is scared of the Big Bad Stupid Algorithm?

This was the daily message I received via Linkedin today to make my day:

Recently I received notice that you would be putting on a class regarding Black Hat ASO. While you have placed a disclaimer on it that you “do not support it”, we believe that educating people on how to perform non-ethical marketing tactics is inappropriate, no matter …

Using Mobile Action for App Store Optimization (Video tutorial)

Using Mobile Action for App Store Optimization (Video tutorial)

Welcome to the first part of this tutorial about how to use Mobile Action as your main App store optimization tool.

Mainly Mobile Action does a great job at helping me with the whole process of ASO… from keyword research, competition analysis, ranking analysis and obviously the full metadata optimization for any of my clients.

Let’s have a look at …