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What is App store Optimization?


App Store Optimization or ASO is the strategy of optimizing your app in such a way that you get the maximum possible traffic from the app store. ASO is based on organic traffic, the best type of traffic… traffic of users “searching for apps” and willing to buy apps.

You can apply ASO to any conventional app store, although the most popular App stores are obviously the App Store from App, Google Play, Amazon, Windows and Nokia.

ASO started a few years ago, but only in the recent months app developers, app agencies, and appeneurs have realized that app store optimization is vital to  achieve the best possible type of traffic:

There are many myths and misconceptions out there about App store optimization. Many of these myths are mainly because there are not a lot  of real experts in this field and many of them seem to be focus on the same concepts: keyword, keywords, keywords… and keywords.

But the reality is that App store optimization is more complex than a  “typical keyword research” process.

My Goal with this site is to EDUCATE YOU about App store optimization.
My approach is NOT CONVENTIONAL …

I’m a true believe in the bootstrap mentality,  in starting small, in empowering yourself, in testing a lot and giving it a go regardless what happens.

So before we talk about why ASO, let’s try to understand the importance of Organic traffic. At the end of the day , ASO is all about organic traffic, and organic traffic is the traffic that we don’t pay for, the traffic that comes free from SEARCH.


So are we ready to learn more about ASO?

The goal of ASO (App Store Optimization) is to putting your applications in the optimal state for organic search, chart ratings, and download conversion in the app stores (that is the technical definition at least).

The reason why I like ASO so much better that compared to inorganic methods of ranking, such as buying downloads… is that ASO is much less costly and has potentially longer lasting effects. This makes it ideal for small players trying compete in competitive app categories.

With the app stores constantly changing and adapting to the growing number of apps, the app store environment is one still filled with mystery and intrigue – people still ask me in conferences what is the “real secret” behind ASO, Gabriel?…

And the reality is that there is no secret, there is no blueprint, there is not a simple special ninja trick… it’s all about doing the work, failing and trying again.

The truth is that it’s a jungle out there.

Let’s have a look:

There are more than a million iOS applications and almost the same number of Android apps to compete with, which doesn’t include the other competing stores (Amazon, Nokia, Windows, etc).

Not only are you facing strong competition but everyone is also trying every single tactic under the sun to get more downloads and to “trick the algorithm”.

That’s why ASO has become more and more relevant in the last 2 years. Not because the idea that “learning ASO is lovely” but ultimately based on the need to get more traffic.

My goal is to give you everything (yes everything!) you need to know, to understand and to master ASO.

To achieve that, I need to get your head around ASO topics: doing keyword research, using ASO tools, and working around the differences in the store platforms, like the Apple App Store and Google Play. And like every topic we need to have an strategy.

ASO Strategy

App store optimization is more than just keyword tools and comparing ranking data.

The knowledge or “boring theory” that guides the strategies is a necessary part of a successful campaign. With ASO, we need to think along the lines of search terms and target audience. Search Terms are the keywords that you want to rank for and Target Audience clearly means those who will download and find your app.

Also, ASO includes different aspects that are sometimes 100% ignored by people applying keyword research.

Is there any clear “buying intent” behind the search? Is the search natural or related to trends? Is the search predictable or completely random?

So, it’s becoming clear why we need a strategy, but why consider ASO and not other types of normal marketing strategies? Well, what makes ASO strategy a crucial part of your overall app marketing campaign is how easy it is for your app to fall into the infamous app graveyard.

Not making it has become easier than making it and not maximizing every ranking opportunity is the fastest method to losing ranking, resources and your investment.
Organic is cheap (plus it’s cool and healthy)


ASO becomes even more important when you don’t have to pay $1.00-$2.50 to acquire each user (the current CPI or cost per install average, depending on app type, according to one of many Chartboost Insights). Organic ranking via search can be a lucrative investment since search is said (Forrester data) to account for 63% of new app installs, without paid advertising.
Obviously these numbers can be falsified, inflated and even people that make a living from app discoverability tools will tell you that those numbers are overly inflated.
But the reality is that paying per user sucks and if you don’t have very clear control over your ROI it can become very, very expensive.

With paid traffic you can win big but fail quickly and miserably. Your margins of profit are usually low and you need to be in complete control of your user acquisition cost. One cent more here and there and the campaign is no longer profitable, and then you will be in the red.

With ASO, things are different, slower, less expensive…. more gradual. ASO is a marathon, in which only the ones that are willing to go all of the extra miles of hard work will end up winning at the end.

Developing an ASO strategy – Not so easy my friend.

Before you go and start optimizing your app, it’s essential to understand that ASO needs to be one part of your overall marketing strategy, the same effort you put into developing an App needs to be put into the marketing and the positioning of your end product, but this is not the only part.

As an appreneur, developer or app agency you need to ask yourself some questions that may be difficult to answer:

What rankings are you aiming for?
There are different types of rankings and ways to optimize apps in different markets. These differences in each market or platform mean that your optimization strategy will need to be adapted for each one.

Each app store has a different algorithm and philosophy, and distinctive guidelines on which the apps need to be based. Algorithms change all the time and what works for one app store is not going to work for another.

Although all the app stores behave differently (and by different I don’t mean good… trust me they are all erratic, crazy and 100% random on many occasions), almost all of them base their ranking on the same type of “values”.

In the same way the top 5 religions in the world include the same type of global rules, ranking in Apple, Google, Nokia, Windows and Amazon is determined by a mix of specific factors: metadata, popularity ranking, ratings, reviews and, of course, downloads.

So that’s why
But rather than move too fast, let’s understand some basic concepts before we dive too deep and let me clarify that even if sounds easy, it’s not…
And even if it sounds boring… once you realize how powerful this stuff can be, it becomes kind of fun… 😉


Still with me?

OK… so let’s see … now that we know what ASO is, what do we need to do next is start the keyword research process.

Keyword Research Process

in app store optimization process is the core process of ASO and clearly I can’t explain the whole process here, I have many ASO courses available where I go step by step hands on how to do this, but before we move ahead at trying to find the best keywords let’s try to understand why we need those keywords.

Keyword research is not easy, it takes time and before start we need to understand a few things




ASO Tools


To start there are a few different type of ASO tools in the market, and here is where we can really discuss what makes an ASO tool good or not. The main idea of an ASO tool is that you want a software that can save you time by providing you data that could be difficult to visualize and gather manually. That’s all. The issue is that different tools present data in different ways and therefor the real potential of ASO tools really depend on the way you are using it rather on the features and gadgets you expect.

There are some basic conditions that are required in any ASO tool to make the application worth to spend time and money on.

  • Ranking Report
  • Keyword Research
  • Competition Ranking Tracking
  • Popularity and Competition Analysis
  • Review and Social Media


Ranking report:

in ASO tools is a must, I mean this is the most basic system you have to understand if you rank of not, the interesting point is when you can see drops and spikes in ranking while you are updating your app or doing your own marketing. Having data that will allowed you to analyze why your app revenue goes up or down is a must and in many cases ranking can be one of the reasons why.

Keyword Research:

I don’t believe keyword research for apps is as easy as many ASO tools want us to believe. This is not SEO and this is not just a process of get those keywords and paste them ASAP in your app and good luck.Keyword research depending on the ASO tool takes time and in many cases – at least for me – I use more than 3 tools to do a comprehensive keyword research. The reason? Trusting only one source for such an important data is foolish.

 Competition Ranking Tracking

So you go down, are those evil app competitors also going down or just you? is the App store Gods being unfair with you? Well with an ranking tracking tool you can see exactly what is going on and many times you can discover that is not just you…. may be you are witnessing an App store Dance.

Popularity and Competition Analysis:

this is something not many ASO tools do well… how difficult is a certain keyword, how competitive it is and how difficult is to rank for it.

The reason why they do a so-so job is because all ASO tools are in fact ‘professional-guessing” what the search volumens are, so the difficulty is usually based on apps that may be rank for a keyword and how much traffic that keyword may bring… but obviously it doesn’t include how many apps are in fact DOING ASO to rank for that keyword.

This means that difficulty is a matter of numbers vs a number of active competitors. Not all type of apps are competing , even if they rank for a keyword (mmmm make sense?)

What ASO Tool do I use?

I am 100% bias because I use my own tool called , Is a company that I purchased mainly to do ASO as fast as possible for IOS and in the English market. I use this tool combined with Sensor Tower.

You can check the video below to understand how I use


And this is AppMind in action


More material to read? read my old book ASO Ninja down below or download my latest book here.