App Annie as an ASO Tool: How to use it

We all know how that App annie is one of the most useful tools we can use, but for a while the use of App Annie has been focused on analytics and not a lot on “proactive reseach”

The App store optimization functions of App Annie are not new, but it seems that developers don’t know yet the true potential of using App Annie as part of their arsenal while doign app store optimization.

Some of the advantages of App Annie vs other ASO tools:

  • more reliable data that any other resource/tool available
  • It’s free. (and that is always good)
  • Easy to learn
  • Good to measure success in ASO linked to Ranking increase / profit increase.

So clearly these type of features makes App Annie a pretty handy army knife to know how to operate and although

Dear App Publisher: Don’t do App Store Optimization

Please do not do app store optimization, if you don’t have a clear plan.


The problem with ASO is not ASO but is the people that want ASO… app store optimization works, but works when is part of a strategy in the same way jogging can help you to lose weight if you eat healthy.

App store optimization needs to be part of a full process and the problem we are facing now with the arrival of 2016 is that more app companies are becoming more mediocre in their app marketing strategy methods.

App Store Optimization in 2016

We all know that App store optimization is here to stay but what about ASO in 2016. What can we expect next year?
Before we move to topics like iOS9 let’s talk about what will be the real scenario for ASO in 2016… and that my friends is : social.

Social media is going to be where the game is being played and many app companies are going to need to step up their game because their social strategy sucks.

Yes, it is time to stop asking your interns to run your Facebook strategy and to realize that social media is more than asking for likes and asking people to download your app.

App Store Optimization : Mistakes we are still doing

It has been a few quite months, and it seems the ASO world has now been a bit more stable.

What stable means?

Less amazing offers, less hype and the stability of an industry that for a few seconds went completely crazy with the trend of let’s make a lot of money with apps.
Less people are making money but the once that are making money are now investing money to do so. (finally!)
It seems App store optimisation is now a must, but we are still facing the problems of understanding if we need to do it or not.
Today I want to tackle 5 mistakes App companies are still doing with ASO and why this needs to be tackled heads on before companies waste more money with more unsuccessful marketing

Why did I stop spamming the App store. (The death of Reskinning)


How I went from an App Reskinner to the enemy of the Reskinning phenomenon.

To start let me confess the obvious:

I made a lot of money from app reskinning. During last year I was one of many so-called appreneurs that exploited the app store at it’s best. I come from an SEO background and for the last 2 years I have been the WORLD AUTHORITY (yes baby) in the world of App Store Optimization. (ASO) .
So exploiting Apple iTunes algorithm was, well, kind of easy, fund and dam profitable.

Yes: I was the guy Indie Developers love to hate.

In fact I became famous thanks to TUAW and other Apple magazines when I disclaimed how I was making money in the app store.

Real app developers hated me and marketers loved me… sooner

Reviews and Ranking Factors in App store Optimization

reviews and ranking

How important are reviews in regards to our ranking….

  • • Reviews affect ongoing rankings
  • More positive reviews can help increase rankings
  • Use available methods to get reviews – PR, Social, Friends and family, your lists
  • Negative reviews can trigger others and can quickly decrease rankings
  • It takes many more positive to counteract the effect of a bad review
  • Reviews = Indication that the app is alive

Speed factors in App Rankings

speed factors

Does Speed matters?

  • Download speed is important for rankings – faster is better
  • User may stop if app is too big
  • Apple and Google Play like smaller, faster apps – they know the download success rate is higher

The Power of Social Media in App Marketing

the power of social media

Can … and should we use social media to improve our ranking?

  • No official theory says that facebook likes or shares increase app rankings but…
  • Social signals do help, in my opinion
  • Proof that app is aliveWould be easy to manipulate the app store if only downloads were considered (buying downloads)
  • Reviews and social signals are evidence that the users are genuine
  • Google play already using social, Apple is too – In my opinion

Introduction to Google Play ASO

introduction to google play

Let’s talk about ASO , shall we?

  • • How does Google Play work? Like Google.
  • Search company
  • Smart search algorithm compared to Apple
  • What is google philosophy?
  • Understand basics of SEO to better understand Google Play search environment
  • Link building, social signals, on-page website elements
  • ASO is similar to SEO – base new algorithms on ones that already work

Google Play Optimization Considerations

google play optimizaiton

If we do Google Play Optimization

  • No keywords – description instead
  • Optimize app description like a website
  • Understand SEOUse keywords
  • In a comprehensible & relevant way – not just a pile of keywords
  • Don’t over-optimize in Google Play
  • Homework: Read more to fully understand over-optimization & keyword stuffing