understanding your aso position

Understanding your ASO Position

The first step before doing an ASO audit, and to understand how is app store optimization doing , you need to understand your ASO position

Another lesson app marketers have not learned is that long tail keywords convert better. Why? Because these keywords catch people later in the buying/conversion cycle. A person searching for an app about “shoes” is probably …

how to improve

How to improve your ASO presence in Google play with Reviews

Reviews and ratings are vital for apps to appear higher on rankings and convince potential clients of the quality of your app. This is applicable for every app store, most especially in the Google Play Store. You can avoid negative or bad reviews by making developer communication channels that are clear and available for feedback somewhere inside the app. As …

will paid search ads

Will “paid search ads” gives us an insight at good keywords for ASO?

Since paid search ads for the app store is not yet launched or implement, we can only speculate or make sound assumptions on what could happen in the ASO industry.

We have answered a couple of questions already like:

  • What ads really mean?
  • The danger of ASO tools?
  • Ads VS ASO?

Well, here goes another question. Will “paid search ads” …

danges of paid search

Dangers of Paid Search Ads – ASO Tools, Are they going to be obsolete?

Rumors of the death of ASO have been greatly exaggerated. As you well know, if you’ve been following this blog or are even remotely familiar with app store optimization and the recent paid search ads announcement, people have been saying that ASO is on its way out, while others have scoffed at the notion.

The argument for sure won’t get …

Using iTunes App Analytics To Understand How Effective Is Your ASO

Using iTunes App Analytics To Understand How Effective Is Your ASO

Congratulations! You are about to publish your app. The development, the testing, and your app is now ready to be launched. Before you enter the highly competitive mobile app market, you need to know that over 2,500 apps are submitted to the three biggest app stores on a daily basis, and 70% of these apps generate less than 5,000 …

effective strategies for

Effective Strategies for Applying Agile Marketing Principles to Your ASO Campaigns

We were told that “The early bird catches the worm.”

The internet evolves quickly, with new trends appearing and dying so quickly, it’s quite hard to keep track of them all.

These days, some companies manage to get in on the ground floor of what’s trending which can mean huge amounts of attention and instant publicity.

But then again, it’s …